Athol Saddle Club Association

New Events--

Slo Barrels (All Ages).

To be run in standard lanes, with three 30-gallon barrels set in a cloverleaf pattern ten feet beyond the turning line. Ten feet between barrels #1 and #2. Barrel #3 is set 25 feet beyond turning line (15 feet beyond line between barrels #1 and #2). Riders race through standard cloverleaf pattern and return across finish line.

Tunnel Vision (All Ages).

Race between poles, weave between barrels, around top barrel, weave back between barrels and through poles to finish. Top barrel centered on turning line. Contestant is disqualified for breaking the pattern or knocking over a property. 

Barrel Pole Race (All Ages).

A barrel is centered in the lane 60 feet from the start/finish line. Three poles are centered in the lane, the first on the turning line and the other two poles set 21 feet apart toward start/finish line. At signal, contestant races to barrel and circles it right or left, weaves poles down and back, circles barrel again either way, then races across finish line. 

Little Flying W (All Ages).

Two poles placed 10 feet from each lane line and 10 feet from each other, a third pole place 10 feet from the turning line, centered in the middle of the lane. Rider races down the lane across the turning line, turns the 1st pole, the rider then goes down the lane and turns the pole center in the middle of the lane (opposite turn from the 1st pole), then ride back to the 3rd pole on the turning line, turns pole, rider then races home. Rider may go right or left. Disqualification for knocking over pole(s) or touching pole(s) with hand.

Open End Barrel Team Race (All Ages: Pairs)

A 55-gallon barrel with both ends out is placed 10 feet beyond the turning line. Rider #1 is mounted, races to barrel, dismounts. Rider #2 holds horse while rider #1 tips barrel on side and crawls through. Rider #2 then tips barrel back up, mounts horse, and races across finish line. 

Jellyfish (All Ages)

Four poles centered in lane 21 feet apart, first pole set 21 feet from the start live. A barrel is centered on the turning line. Two barrels set 21 feet toward start line 10 feet between each barrel. At signal, rider weaves poles, then races around the outside of the barrel pattern and weaves back through the poles, circling the last pole closest to the finish line before crossing finish line. Contestant is disqualified for breaking pattern or knocking property over.

Switch -n- Weave (All Ages)

A pole is centered in lane 40 feet toward turn line from start/finish line. Another pole is centered in lane 40 feet toward start/finish line front turn line. At signal, rider 1 (mounted) races down, weaves between poles, and crosses turn line and dismounts. Rider 2 mounts horse and races back between poles OPPOSITE the way rider 1 and crosses finishes line. 

Ring Around the Flour (All Ages)

At signal, rider races to turn line where there is a 3 foot ring of flour, makes a complete circle (one and a half revolutions) around the ring of flour, then returns back across finish line. Rider may turn either right or left. Disqualification for stepping in the circle or on the flour ring. ​

Speed Ball (All Ages)

You will be given a golf ball at the start of the race. Run down to the cone, as you go around the back side of the cone and head for the finish line, drop the golf ball into the cone.

Ring Around the Pole (All Ages) 

Ride to pole with ring in hand, as you round the pole and head for finish line, put the ring around the pole and ride straight back.

Spur Race (All Ages)

There are a total of 5 poles, 4 at the timer and 1 at the turn line. Ride through 2 poles, cross to the other side of the lane and turn pole on turn line, then cross back over to opposite side of lane and go through opposite 2 poles at the finish line.

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